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Random update nobody asked for

Posted by jackingservice - May 22nd, 2022

I've been sick now for 5 days with the flu and it's definitely not the nicest sickness a human being can have. 0/10 do not recommend.

On the other side, my sick ass gotta find the motivation to write a document for college and also find and contain my Sheetweb Spider so I can clean out her tank and remove the corpses of flies and orbweavers she ever so kindly murdered for me. I'm not worried about destroying my (living) orbweavers Web because his is on the roof of the tank so I can just remove it in whole but I am however, worried about destroying the Sheetwebs web because she decided that 95% of the tank was going to become her domain and nobody is allowed to touch it.

Maybe keeping a hand sized, skittish af spider was a bad idea.




sorry to hear ab the flu, shit sucks ass.
but teh SPIDERS OMFG how are they in general ?? ive heard very little ab spider owners and theyre legit such interesting little animals aw

My Sheetweb and my Orbweaver are both nocturnal spiders, so I don't see much of them throughout the day. When they do come out during the day, they're quite calm and can be held without incident. They come out around 7:30pm every night, they're skittish and to some extent, loud, as their legs scurry across the leaf floor often. Cleaning their tank is a difficult chore because the hardest obstacle is *finding* the spiders for capture before I can get to work. They're extremely good at blending in. I'm going to completely rearrange their tank this week by putting down a new bed of dirt and leaves and some more sticks.

Overall, spiders are really easy to care for and quite interesting to watch when they're out and about. If you have a big tank with a lid and a few spiders running around your home, you can keep some easy. I'm sure they'd thank you for keeping them away from the prying jaws of birds.

hope you get better!

Me too mate, me too